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— Essence

Our oils are:

– Pure: undiluted, uncut with other oils.
– Natural: not denatured by synthetic molecules, and contain no preservatives, pesticides or other chemicals.
– Total: they contain all the aromatic principles and do not undergo any treatment that could modify the natural composition.

They are Botanically and Biochemically defined, that is to say fully defined (origin, producer, botanical name, chemotype).

— Traceability

Each of the batches of our oils are analyzed by a laboratory attached to the Ministry of Agriculture of Madagascar.

The analyzes obtained certify the purity and precise composition of each oil.

We are committed to ensuring transparency and traceability of our products, via precise batch numbering, allowing the origin of the product to be traced (supplier, date of purchase, date of packaging).

Lot 02 A 293 Ambalavato Antsirabe 110 Madagascar

+261 34 42 340 33

Our partner Hazovato

The responsible eco-forestry company Hazovato supports Aromeya in its reforestation and bushfire control campaigns.

— The Hazovato Company
Founded in 1956

Since its foundation in 1956 hazovato ® has never ceased to discover, transform and enhance the natural resources of Madagascar for the manufacture of wooden furniture. It also uses stones for the manufacture of coating materials, decorative furniture, marble engraving, etc.

Company Leader in its market, the company has decided to broaden its social policy by offering locations to Aromeya during major commercial events. Thus allowing the essential oils company to increase its sales and therefore broaden the impact of its fields of action.

ZI Forello Tanjombato
BP 414 – Antananarivo 101 – Madagascar
Tel. : (261 20) 22 350
05/22 351 60

Aromeya is committed to protecting the environment in Madagascar

Aromeya technically supports the association AIDER in its essential oil production phase and in its fight to support family farming in the bush

— Help

Created in 2004, the association AIDER PAR LE CONSEIL ET LA FORMATION aims to support the subsistence economy, to meet the needs of the most disadvantaged families in Madagascar Thanks to its actions for over 14 years, the association has been able to create an essential oil production site

— Technical assistance

Aromeya provides technical assistance to the site in partnership with AIDE This allows the beneficiaries of the project to produce quality essential oils while fighting against poverty thanks to additional income

— Aromeya is involved in the marketing of essential oil products

Following the sale of the products, the company determines a budget that will be allocated to the planting of trees, for the distillation of essential oils and anti-bush fires.


Created in 2004, the association AIDER PAR LE CONSEIL ET LA FORMATION aims to find solutions to meet the needs of underprivileged families in Madagascar.

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