Cream and hair care

Anti-aging face cream and moisturizer

Cream and hair care

Aromeya 100% bio et naturelle
100% pure and natural
For healthy skin and an anti-aging face remedy, Aromeya provides you with an anti-aging face cream and moisturizer.

It is a product based on natural products from Madagascar.
The anti-aging face and moisturizer cream produced by Aromeya is a natural anti-wrinkle that hydrates both the skin.
Aromeya offers the anti-aging face and moisturizer cream for wrinkles and dry skin.
Before sleeping, clean your face well and apply the cream in thin layers at night.

Rinse when you wake up.
The anti-aging face cream and moisturizer produced by Aromeya should be kept out of the reach of children.

It is not recommended for children under 15.

Essential & vegetable oils from Madagascar
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