Vegetable oils


Vegetable oils

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The moringa of its botanical name moringa oleifera derives from tamil murungai which means twisted pod referring to the fruit of the tree. In Madagascar, the tree called ananambo is known as the tree of miracles. Its very nutritious leaves are served as a main dish to eat with rice. Branches and leftover leaves are given to farm animals (sheep and goats). The larger branches are used as fuelwood in cooking. Its flowers make excellent honey. The seeds are pressed to produce moringa vegetable oil.
Moringa vegetable oil sold by Aromeya contains a high level of vitamins. It is excellent for complete hydration and is also a recognized anti-aging agent. Rich in oxidants, it has moisturizing, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Biochemical composition
Pressed part: seeds
Main component: eicosenoic acid
Moringa vegetable oil is used to hydrate the skin of babies, and dry skin while stabilizing the loss of nutrients caused by prolonged exposure to the sun. It is an exceptional anti-aging for oily and mature skin. By protecting against external agents and polluting factors, moringa vegetable oil on sale at Aromeya slows down the aging of the skin.
External use

Moringa vegetable oil mixed with other vegetable oils and essential oils is used to formulate care or massage oils, to be incorporated in balms, creams and lotions to give health to the skin, even to the most skins. sensitive.

For a hair care, warm the vegetable oil of moringa and massage with the fingertips the hair with this oil. Then soak a towel in hot water that you will use to cover your oiled hair. The heat spread will allow better absorption of the oil to repair your hair from the roots. Let sit for an hour or two before shampooing. To improve the quality of your hair, do this treatment once a week. In oral hygiene, massage the gums with moringa vegetable oil. People with scurvy can also use this treatment.

For people with rheumatism problem, use moringa vegetable oil to massage your painful joints. The oil can reduce pain and inflammation.

Internal use
Moringa vegetable oil, rich in nutrients and vitamins, can be used as a dressing oil. To keep all of its nutritional qualities, Aromeya does not advise you to cook it.
Even though moringa vegetable oil can be used on babies, avoid overuse.

During hair treatments, avoid contact with the eyes.
Essential & vegetable oils from Madagascar
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