Vanilla extract


Aromeya 100% bio et naturelle
100% pure and natural
10ml vanilla extract.
Helps digestion.
Vanilla is recognized for its anti-flatulent and stimulating properties for the digestive system. It would open the appetite and stimulate enzymes that promote digestion.

Aphrodisiac: The reputation of vanilla is well established with regard to its aphrodisiac properties.

Anti-stress: The effect of vanilla would be similar to that of chocolate, it would help reduce stress and anxiety.

Thanks to the many properties described above, vanilla extract has multiple indications:

To stimulate appetite, its aperitif properties encourage its use to open the appetite of small stomachs.
To flavor meals.
Pour a few drops in your daily preparations: cakes, tea, or other foods.
Avoid contact with the eyes.
Essential & vegetable oils from Madagascar
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